SAMH Stories

We all have mental health

Anyone can experience a mental health problem. Sharing stories can offer hope and inspiration. Read from the people we support, our staff and the people who fundraise or campaign for SAMH. Note that these are the stories of individuals which have been written in their own words; and views do not represent those of SAMH.

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Maddy's story

Maddy shares how she's used her experiences of anxiety and post-natal depression to help others by delivering mental health training.

Paul's story

Paul opens up about how Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and talking about his mental health with loved ones has helped him manage his anxiety.

Tina's Story

Tina shares her story about her Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and suicidal thoughts and what helped her look after herself.

Nicole's story

Beauty pageant finalist and committed mental health advocate Nicole took part in the Virtual Kiltwalk in support of SAMH

Sean's story

Hill walking gave Sean the confidence to open up about his mental health

Glasgow Connect

Katie and Rebecca SAMH project co-ordinators talk about how the Glasgow Connect project has adapted to support young people during lockdown

Robert's story

After a tough year Robert knew he needed help, his love of football led him to SAMH's Changing Room, which made it easier for him to open up

Community Strides

Community Strides supports people in Scotland’s Black, Minority and Ethnic communities to look after their own physical and mental health.

Sarah's story

After the sudden loss of her mother, Sarah also had to struggle to get mental health support for her daughter.