Become a media volunteer

Share your story with SAMH 

We know that first-hand accounts of experiencing a mental health problem can connect with the public in a way that statistics never can.  That’s why SAMH are looking for people who are willing to share their stories with us.

If you would like to share your story and experiences with us on a regular basis, you can speak to us about becoming a media volunteer.

The team at SAMH will be there to support you in undertaking any of the below activities; and how much you share, where and when your story is used is up to you.

As a SAMH media volunteer you can choose to:

  • Share your story on our website
  • Contribute to our blog
  • Create content for our social media channels
  • Take part in media opportunities, for example appearing in newspapers or being interviewed on radio or TV
  • Taking part in speaking opportunities

The content that SAMH publishes has a hopeful and inspiring message, and aims to raise awareness of mental health and help break down stigma.

Update: We’ve now closed applications for new volunteers for a short period of time. Check this space soon for new opportunities to be avaliable.