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We all have mental health

Anyone can experience a mental health problem. Sharing stories can offer hope and inspiration. Read from the people we support, our staff and the people who fundraise for SAMH.

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Stephanie's story

SAMH's Mentally Healthy Colleges programme has been a huge source of support for Stephanie.

Karen's story

Karen's husband died by suicide. She did the Kiltwalk with their daughter, in his memory, and was ready to draw a line.

Lindsey's Story

Roller Derby saved Lindsey's life 4 years ago and she has been grateful ever since.

Erin's story

Erin was lucky her eating disorder didn't take her life - but it was close to doing so.

Michael's story

Michael's depression hit rock bottom and he ended up in hospital. Stopping drinking helped him to take control of his life.

Heather's story

When Heather made the decision to talk to someone about how she was feeling, she was able to get the help she needed.

Ailsa's Story

Ailsa on the importance of love and support from others.

Caroline's Story

Caroline on the importance of shaping care to empower the individual.

Jack's Story

When Steven’s friend reached out to SAMH he had no idea that a telephone call would give him the tools he needed to save his life.