SAMH Stories

We all have mental health

Anyone can experience a mental health problem. Sharing stories can offer hope and inspiration. Read from the people we support, our staff and the people who fundraise or campaign for SAMH. Note that these are the stories of individuals which have been written in their own words; and views do not represent those of SAMH.

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Bailey’s story

From the age of eight, Bailey has struggled to get the support he needed.

Tommy’s story

Tommy experienced alcohol dependency and homelessness before turning his life around.

Kiera’s story

Kiera describes how therapeutic gardening helped her manage her ADHD

Samantha’s Story

Samantha shares her experience with SAMH's employment team, as a client and now as an employee.

Stephanie's story

Stephanie struggled to access the support she needed through CAMHS

Orlagh and Calum's story

Orlagh was only nine when she lost her cousin Calum to suicide.

Eddie’s story

Eddie shares his experiences of OCD and how seeking support has helped him manage his symptoms.

Claire and Mitzy’s story

Claire is training her dog Mitzy to help her manage her mental health and autism, as well as her physical disabilities.

Stacey’s story

Stacey shares her experience navigating her sexuality and mental health, after a diagnosis of OCD and personality difficulties.