SAMH Stories

We all have mental health

Anyone can experience a mental health problem. Sharing stories can offer hope and inspiration. Read from the people we support, our staff and the people who fundraise for SAMH.

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Ailsa's Story

Ailsa shares her story and experiences of Bulimia and depression.

Lara's Story

I was 11 years old when I saw my uncle killed in a motorbike accident.

Alyssa's Story

Alyssa on why the biggest challenge is often the initial ask for help.

Heather's Story

Heather thinks we need to know that the time is always right to start a conversation.

Caitlin's Story

When Caitlin started having problems with her mental health at school, a teacher who listened provided unlikely support.

Emily's Story

For Emily, talking truly saved her life and that’s why she is taking part in the SAMH Stomp this year.

Jo's Story

Teacher Jo has learned to prioritise her mental wellbeing so that she can give her pupils 100%.

Louise’s story

Getting Henry, a cocker spaniel did wonders for Louise’s mental health.

Joyce's story

Therapeutic horticulture helped ex-teacher Joyce in her recovery journey - and now she's using it to help others.