Time For You

Virtual Mental Health Support For Frontline Workers

Time for You is a free, online mental health and wellbeing support service providing help for frontline workers across Scotland during the pandemic.

This ranges from people working in the health and social care sectors, to those providing the nation’s supply, logistics, retail and public transport.

Choose Your Level of Support

You can choose any level of support you feel you require and can decide to change between options of support. Our Wellbeing Assessment Tool can help you work out what level of difficulty you are experiencing.

Select your support option below.

Option 1: Self-Help
  • Work through self-help resources  independently and at your own pace.
  • You may then choose to access option 2 or 3 support if you feel you need it.

This option is recommended to people who are experiencing low mood or those who feel they’d prefer to support their mental health without additional help from another person.

Option 2: Guided Self-Help
  • At this level you will connect with a SAMH mental health worker where you will discuss your support needs and areas of concern.
  • Then make a plan for the 1:1 support you would like to have when working through the Time for You resources.

Recommended for people who are experiencing mild to moderate symptoms of poor mental health or those who feel they would benefit from additional support when working through resources and activities.

Option 3: Therapy
  • This is another option of support giving you virtual psychological support from Trainee Psychologists from Glasgow Caledonian University.
  • You will be supported 1:1 by a Trainee Psychologist with support based around your needs and requirements.

Recommended for people experiencing mild to moderate poor mental health symptoms.

By clicking on the button links below you are confirming that you are 16 or over, a front line worker and live in Scotland.




Why is Time for You needed?

In these unprecedented times, many frontline workers have experienced high levels of anxiety and stress while carrying out some of the most important jobs to keep our communities going. Even before the pandemic, many key workers were experiencing immense pressures within their roles. Never has it been more important that our frontline workers get the mental health support they need and we are here to provide that much deserved support for them.

Time for You is provided by SAMH, Living Life to the Full and the Glasgow Caledonian University; and funded by Foundation Scotland, the National Emergencies Trust.

Please note, Time for You is not a crisis service. If you need to speak to someone urgently, you require a listening or crisis service, please seek support here.

For more details or if you have any questions about Time For You, please email timeforyou@samh.org.uk