Donald’s Story

Since the beginning, SAMH has recognised the value of meaningful employment, which can bring stability, boost self-esteem, teach us new skills and help us feel part of a community.

Every day, SAMH employment teams help people find and maintain roles suited to their needs, interests and aspirations, from the initial search for opportunities and CV building through to interview preparations and in-work support.

Our initiatives include the Individual Placement Service (IPS) supports job seekers with mental health problems on a one-to-one basis to find something suited to their needs, interests and aspirations. SAMH also offers a Young Person’s IPS service, which is dedicated to helping 16 to 24-year-olds into employment, training or even volunteering roles.

Donald received support from our IPS service which helped him secure and settle into a new job, and balance work alongside his studies.

“I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised at how much the service helped me. I was referred to a brilliant woman called Rosie who was very friendly, understanding and listened to me. I was seen on a weekly basis, where we would discuss job opportunities, working on my CV, interview skills and we would also talk about how I was feeling and general chat.

"Throughout my weeks with Rosie, she helped me sign on at the job centre just for the time being until I got a new job, and we applied to tons of jobs that I was interested in doing.

"Now a few months on, I am happy to say I’m in the best place mentally that I’ve been in about six years. I am currently employed in a job that I’m extremely happy with, go to college and I am more active, confident, motivated, and organised than I have been in a long time.”

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