Donald’s story

"Before SAMH I was seeing someone for counselling once a week and had just finished my weekly visits from the crisis team. There was a lot of work ahead of me at this point and I was rebuilding myself and my life around me so I could be at a heathy place mentally.  

"I was referred to SAMH by my counsellor. I was not keen at first, as everything I had done (services, medications, charities, doctors) up to that point wasn’t as helpful as I’d hoped it would be. However, after a lot of thought and persuading I decided to try it out as I had nothing really to lose.  

"I have to say that I didn’t expect much from this programme, so I was pleasantly surprised at how much the service helped me. I was referred to a brilliant woman called Rosie who was very friendly, understanding and listened to me. I was seen on a weekly basis, where we would discuss job opportunities, working on my CV, interview skills and we would also talk about how I was feeling and general chat.  

"Throughout my weeks with Rosie, she helped me sign on at the job centre just for the time being until I got a new job, and we applied to tons of jobs that I was interested in doing. 

"Now a few months on, I am happy to say I’m in the best place mentally that I’ve been in about six years. I am currently employed in a job that I’m extremely happy with, go to college and I am more active, confident, motivated, and organised than I have been in a long time.  

"Through the many years of trying different methods, services and help programmes for my mental health, I can say with full confidence that this programme at SAMH with Rosie had the most positive impact on my life.  

"Rosie always went above and beyond, not only to help me find a stable job but also to listen to my problems/concerns. She always gave sound and useful advice and supported me to get to where I am today.  

"I would 100% recommend this programme and service to anyone who is needing it. And although I have a job, I am still in touch with Rosie to make sure I am on the right track and that I have a healthy work plan for myself and my employer. I am forever grateful to Rosie and SAMH for providing the help that I needed."

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