Training | Mental health in the workplace

Your staff are living through unprecedented times.
Help protect their mental health by calling in the experts.

Poor mental health is now the most common cause of staff sickness absence. SAMH Workplace can help.

SAMH has been working for Scotland’s mental health since 1923. No one knows mental health better than us.

SAMH Workplace is our initiative offering cost-effective solutions to empower organisations with the tools they need to support good mental health.  

Whether you want to begin a mental health revolution across your entire organisation, or wish to provide a few key members of staff with mental health management skills, it makes good business sense to choose SAMH Workplace.

Our interactive mental health training is now available through video conferencing. Email for more information.

Our courses

Our SAMH Workplace training courses provide you with a way to raise awareness and change perceptions of mental health in your workplace.

With the help of our professional trainers, your workforce will gain crucial skills in managing mental health in the workforce and learn how to support others. 

Our selection of interactive mental health courses below are now being delivered through video conferencing for up to 10 participants per session. We also offer bespoke training packages tailored to your needs. To book a SAMH training course today or find out more, email

Maintaining Wellbeing – duration: 1.5hr
  • Interactive discussions on what makes a mentally healthy work-from- home environment
  • Stress vs pressure: discussions on what stress looks like for you, and introduction of ways to manage stress
  • Participants are provided with a comprehensive pack of resources on maintaining wellbeing including information on sources of support, as well as an exclusive self-reflection workbook.
Building Resilience – duration: 1.5hr
  • Interactive discussions on the relationship between wellbeing and resilience
  • Resilience: discussions on what resilience is and what it can mean for individuals
  • Group activities on building resilience
  • Participants are provided with a workbook containing resilience-building exercises.
Introduction to Suicide Prevention – duration: 1.5hr
  • Introduction to  key facts surrounding suicide
  • Spotting the signs of suicide risk and how to ask about suicide
  • Interactive discussions on looking after yourself
  • Please note: This course is a brief introduction to suicide prevention, is not designed for crisis support and we cannot guarantee a confidential, safe-space due to the nature of group video conferences. It does not cover suicide intervention in depth. SAMH Workplace also offers a classroom-style taught course on Suicide Prevention Training. Please email for more information.
Mental Health in the Workplace: a guide for managers – duration: 2 x 1.5hr sessions

This training module is split into two, 1.5hr sessions and is tailored to give managers the skills to support positive mental health in the workplace.

First session

  • Introduction to mental health
  • Creating a mentally healthy workforce
  • Understanding the most common mental health problems part 1: stress

Second session

  • Understanding the most common mental health problems part 2: depression and anxiety
  • Employers legal duties and responsibilities
  • Managing mental health at work
  • Having a conversation
The Wilson-Chalmers Bespoke Package

SAMH Workplace also offer a bespoke training package which we can develop to suit your business needs, named in memory of Tamara Wilson-Chalmers: a dedicated member of the SAMH Workplace team who helped make our training courses what they are today. For further information and costs on these packages, please email