Improving mental health & wellbeing in my organisation

Why is workplace wellbeing important?

Every year, one in four of us in Scotland will experience a mental health problem.

This means it is highly likely that people within your organisation are affected, but there is still a culture of fear and silence around mental health, especially in the workplace.

Poor mental health costs Scottish employers over £2 billion per year. Therefore, supporting employees with their mental health improves an organisation’s financial health.

A mentally healthy workplace is more productive, has lower staff turnover and fewer absences. Promoting mental health can also help boost staff morale, improve working relationships and create a respectful, inclusive working environment – supporting you to be an employer of choice.

We offer cost-effective solutions to empower organisations with the tools needed to support the positive mental health and wellbeing of your staff. We recognise the increasing importance of mental health and wellbeing in our workplaces and communities, as well as the social, economic and operational implications.

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Building mental health literacy

A key component of our workplace training is developing the confidence and capabilities of participants, equipping learners with the tools and resources they need to support the mental health and wellbeing of themselves and others.

Our training products are divided into three tiers based on the desired depth of learning and the participants’ role within their organisation, from virtual bitesize sessions to two-day classroom courses. Pick the product to suit your needs, delivered the way you want it.

We place people with experience of mental health problems at the centre of our work. Shaping our recommended best practice around their insights, we listen to people with mental health problems and empower them to bring about change. We also listen directly to our clients, with new training topics and products often created in direct response to client demand.

We work with you to understand your needs and develop a bespoke package for your organisation. Download our catalogue below for more information.

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“The feedback after the training session was really positive. There’s definitely been a culture shift at Deloitte Edinburgh in terms of speaking about mental health in the workplace and making sure we spot the signs when people are exhibiting more stress.” – Workplace client

Shaping organisational policy and practice

Creating and sustaining a mentally healthy workplace is underpinned by effective organisational policy and practice.

We can work with you to carry out an audit of your existing policy and practice to identify areas of strength and areas for improvement.

Practical tools to support your people

Wellness Action Plans are a personalised, practical tool we can all use - whether we have a mental health problem or not. They help us identify what keeps us well at work, what causes us to become unwell, and how to address a mental health problem at work if we are experiencing one. 

As a manager, encouraging your team members to complete a Wellness Action Plan gives them ownership of the practical steps needed to help them stay well at work or manage a mental health problem. It can help your team members gain an awareness of what works and what doesn't for them, supporting your people to develop approaches to support their mental wellbeing. 

Using a Wellness Action Plan also opens up a dialogue between you and your team member, to help you better understand their needs and experiences and therefore better support their wellbeing. This in turn can lead to greater productivity, better performance and increased job satisfaction. 

Wellness Action Plans are also particularly helpful during the return to work process, as they provide a structure for conversations around how to support your team member and what workplace adjustments might be useful to discuss and consider.

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