Campaigner Toolkit

SAMH is Standing Up for Scotland's Mental Health: more than ever, this needs to be a national priority.

As a supporter you play a key role in helping us bring about change. Here are 4 easy ways you can get you started on your journey as a SAMH campaigner.

1. Keep up to date

By keeping up to date with our campaign, you can ensure you're the first to know about the most important developments.

You can do this by:

  • Following SAMH on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram 
  • You can also follow #StandUpforMentalHealth across your favourite social media channels for campaign updates

You can also sign up to our campaigner newsletter and updates, click on the button below to sign up:


2. Share with friends

Your networks are powerful. Retweeting or sharing our posts helps our message reach further. You can also use the hashtag #StandUpforMentalHealth to ensure that your posts become part of the movement.

If you feel able to share, your mental health story can also be a powerful tool. Click the button below for some storytelling tips:


3. Know the facts

Taking the time to learn more about why we're calling for change and what that would mean for people with mental health problems will make you an even better SAMH Campaigner and ambassador for Scotland's mental health.

Did you know that 2,500 helped inform our manifesto? Click the button below to find out more: