SAMH Manifesto

Informed by over 2,500 people across Scotland, many of whom have lived experience of mental health problems, Standing Up for Scotland’s Mental Health sets out 38 actions to make mental health a national priority.  

Our next government must take action to ensure that:

  1. Children and young people can get help at the first time of asking without the threat of rejection
  2. There is an increase in psychological wellbeing support so people can get the help that they need at the right time
  3. There is nationwide access to support and suicide prevention training, so our communities have the confidence to come together to prevent suicide

Download our full manifesto below.

Standing up For Scotland’s Mental Health

Our Scottish Parliament election 2021 manifesto calls on the next Scottish Government to make real change for people with mental health problems.

Standing up For Scotland’s Mental Health: Manifesto Summary

A summary of our Scottish Parliament election 2021 manifesto, focussing on three key priorities.