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SAMH’s new campaign ‘Going To Be’ is all about children and young people’s mental health. Three children in every classroom in Scotland will have experienced mental health problems by the time they’re sixteen. And thousands will struggle to get the help they need. It’s got to change and with your help it can.

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If you are a young person or a parent/carer and looking for some help we’ve got a whole section on finding help including new information resources and numbers to call if you want to speak to someone.

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Growing up, we all thought about what we were going to be as adults.  It was a magical time when almost anything was possible.  An inventor, a drummer, a motorbike racer - the possibilities were endless.

'Going To Be' is SAMH's new campaign about young people's mental health.  Our campaign films feature three young people dreaming about their future, and acknowledging that this future may include a mental health problem.

The scale of this issue is enormous.  Three children in every classroom will have experienced a mental health problem by the time they're 16.  And in its opening weeks, 'Going To Be' is drawing attention to the thousands of young people who are being turned away from getting help for their mental health.

Nearly 7,000 young people were turned away from CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) last year and we don't know why, what happened to them and what other supports were offered, if any.  There is a significant risk that without help their mental health will worsen.  CAMHS does the job of supporting young people with a mental health diagnosis but GPs, teachers and parents need more options when presented with a young person who is mentally unwell.

Young people deserve better.  They should have access to the right support when and where they need it.  They should receive an education in mental health and well-being so they have the tools to spot the signs and seek help.  They should be able to talk about mental health without fear of stigma and discrimination. 

'Going To Be' is all about campaigning for this future.  It's got to change.

See our campaign films with three young people as they think about what they're 'going to be'.

Young people need our help now.  Here's why:

  • Three children in every class will have experienced mental health problems by the time they're 16.[1]
  • Every day, 19 young people don’t get the help they need for mental health problems.  That’s 6,863 young people last year.  These young people were rejected from receiving a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) usually following a referral from their GP, but we don’t know why or what has happened to them.[2]
  • When it comes to finding help for your mental health, only a quarter of young people know where to go.[3]
  • One call every thirty minutes to ChildLine is from a young person experiencing suicidal thoughts.[4]
  • Last quarter, in Scotland, more than 6,000 young people were on a waiting list to be assessed for CAMHS.[5]  

Over the lifespan of the campaign, we’ll focus on more of these issues at different points. But there are three key actions that we think need to happen now, and we’ll be calling for these throughout the campaign.  Find out how it's got to change.

Here’s why we need you

Cara, is 24 years old and began experiencing mental health problems when she was in primary school.

Read Cara's story

Passionate about young people’s mental health? Sign up to the ‘going to be’ campaign and join thousands of others as we work to create positive change for young people in Scotland.

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