Know Where to Go


If you're concerned about your mental health, talking to friends and family, and visiting your GP to discuss your concerns and symptoms is a good place to start. But it can feel like a big step. Why not have a look at our resources below to help you. 

Know Where to Go: Your Guide 

Your guide to information on where you can get help and support for your mental health, online, over the phone and in person, including links to resources in a number of languages.

Know Where to Go: Your Rights 

Information on your rights day to day and in care and treatment.

Helping Someone Prepare for a GP appointment 

This resource helps friends or family members support a loved one with a mental health problem to make and prepare for a GP appointment.

Know Where to Go: Friends and Family factsheet   

This factsheet helps the friends and family of people with mental health problems to provide practical support for their loved one and includes tips on how to look after their own mental wellbeing. 

Mental Health Problems Explained 

This guide helps explain some of the more common mental health problems.

Directory of SAMH services across Scotland 

This directory has a full list of SAMH services across Scotland, arranged by issue, including addictions, crisis services, day services and other support.