Time to get involved

Time is precious

But even in the minutes it takes to boil the kettle for a cuppa you can do something for mental health. Tea bags at the ready!

60 Seconds

5 Minutes

  • Help us with our campaigns, for example by helping us ensure an #Ask Once, Get Help Fast approach is in the next Scottish Government’s Mental Health Strategy
  • Nominate us as your next Charity of the Year at work
  • Staying connected and talking is one way to keep mentally healthy. Talk to a friend today and ask them how they are #OpenUp

Get Stuck In

  • Become a fundraising Superhero
  • Share the love and support mental health as you celebrate a wedding, birthday or anniversary – give in celebration.
  • Let your imagination run wild with all the brilliant money making ideas you can come up with. We’d love to help get you started, so get in touch at fundraising@samh.org.uk

Looking for inspiration?

Meet others who have done something amazing for people with mental health problems.

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