Give In Your Will

A will is a good way to plan for the future of your loved ones and any charities you support. By leaving a gift in your Will, you can have a positive impact on the mental health of generations to come. 

Leaving a gift to SAMH is an incredible legacy.

Your support means we can be there for people when they need us, making sure people don’t face mental health problems alone. You could give a future to someone at risk of suicide, or help younger generations grow up in mentally healthy communities across Scotland. A gift in your will of any size will have a positive impact on the mental health of future generations.

Legacy FAQ's

Just so you know, this page doesn’t constitute legal advice. Always consult a solicitor if you have legal questions.

“Why should I write a will?”

If you die without a will (this is called dying intestate), you have no say over what happens to your money or property after your death. The law will decide.

Most people would rather make that decision themselves. Writing a will gives you peace of mind that your wishes will be known and respected after your death.

If you would like to leave a positive legacy for Scotland’s mental health, please consider mentioning SAMH in your will.

“How do I write a will that includes SAMH?”

You don’t need a solicitor for your will to be valid. However, using a solicitor will ensure that your intentions are clear and legal, and reduces the chance of problems after your death.

When leaving a gift in your will to SAMH, make sure to include:

  • Our full name: Scottish Association for Mental Health
  • Our registered charity number: SC008897
  • Our registered head office: Brunswick House, 51 Wilson Street, G1 1UZ

If you already have a will, you’ll need to ask your solicitor to add a codicil to include SAMH.

“What could I leave to SAMH?”

Many people think they have to be well-off in order to leave a legacy to charity. That’s not the case. Once you have provided for your loved ones, a gift of any size will help SAMH continue to be there for Scotland’s mental health.

There are many ways you could include SAMH in your will.

A pecuniary legacy means stating a specific sum of money you’d like to leave to SAMH.

A residuary legacy is a percentage. Once you have left bequests to your family and friends, and any debts, taxes, or expenses have been paid from your estate, you could leave a percentage of the remainder to SAMH.

There are other ways to remember SAMH in your will, but they’re more complicated – we’d suggest talking to your solicitor about the full range of options.

“Do I need to let SAMH know?”

There is no obligation to tell us if you have included SAMH in your will.

However, if you do want to share this information, we’d be truly delighted to hear from you and to have the opportunity to thank you.

Want to know more?

If you have any questions about leaving a legacy to SAMH, please feel free to email us via