Give In Memory

Gifts in memory of your loved one will bring hope for a better tomorrow and help for a better today to people across Scotland.

A tribute page

Setting up a fundraising page online creates a place to remember your loved one for as long as you'd like. It’s a special celebration of their life.

On Our Minds is your space to remember your loved one, to come together to share memories, celebrate their life, and support Scotland’s mental health.

Set up a tribute page

Funeral collections

Collecting at a funeral can bring people together in celebration of your loved one's life.

Contact to request collection tins, or phone 0141 530 1028. Please include your full name and address that you would like the tins posted to.

Direct gifts in memory

You can also choose simply to donate to SAMH as a one-off, or set up a regular monthly gift, as a way to remember your loved one.

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