Donate In Memory

Giving in memory is a special and personal way to remember your loved one.

A lasting tribute

Setting up a tribute fund online creates a place to remember your loved one. It’s a special celebration of their life. 

You can create an In Memory fundraising page with Virgin Money Giving. It’s a place where you can tell their story, in your own words, and explain why you're raising money for mental health in their memory. Friends and family can then donate to your page easily, safely and securely, as well as sharing their own memories and stories.

If you would like to raise money in memory by taking part in a fundraising event or challenge, we are here to help. We can supply you with lots of materials, advice and information to help make your event or challenge a fitting tribute to your loved one. 

A Single Donation

You can give a donation in memory of your loved one.

Collect in your loved ones memory

You can do something amazing for SAMH and celebrate the life of your loved one by collecting in their memory. If you would like donations to be made in their memory, perhaps in lieu of flowers, then please get in touch. Contact to order collection envelopes or money boxes, and we can provide information for on the day including literature about mental health and suicide bereavement guides.

Sandra’s story

Through the loss of her son to suicide, Sandra has helped others.

Read Sandra's Story

Sandra's Story