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We work to learn more about the links between our physical and mental health

Working with partners, SAMH regularly conducts research into the relationships between our physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Moving Through Menopause: A SAMH report on moving through menopause 

SAMH commissioned this essential research to better understand how menopause affects women’s relationships with both physical activity and mental wellbeing.

The experiences of women who took part in this project highlighted menopause was a barrier to being active, with 57% of women reporting a decrease in activity levels, and 94% reporting a change in mood, such as low mood, anxiety, mood swings or low self-esteem. 

This research found there is an urgent need for greater inclusivity in sport and wider society to support women experiencing the menopause to remain physically active and care for their health and wellbeing. SAMH makes nine recommendations based on this research, including calling for improved awareness and education about the menopause and mental health among the general population but also among those supporting women during this stage of their life, from sports communities and healthcare settings to workplaces and social support networks.

Moving Through Menopause

SAMH research into the relationship between menopause, physical activity and mental wellbeing

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