The Changing Room

The Changing Room has one goal – to promote men’s mental health and wellbeing through the power of the beautiful game.

It's easy to talk about football - whether it’s pre-match tactics, the team selection, or post-match analysis with your mates. But men also need to get the stuff that’s really bothering them off their chests. The Changing Room is here for you.

The Changing Room is bringing men together to tackle mental health. In the stadiums, in the stands, in fan forums, even in the queue for a pie and Bovril. We are here to support men to open up.

Taking place at football stadiums across Scotland, it’s your chance to be part of a team tackling mental health. You’ll have the opportunity to step down from the stands into the heart of the club, with access to parts of the stadium you don’t normally have the chance to see. A chance to join in with some banter, but also to talk about what’s really going on.

"When I came home after the first group I felt different. I think maybe just because you could see other people were struggling as well. It was a wee group of people all there for one another, whether it’s on the other end of the phone or a WhatsApp message or whatever. There’s always somebody there if you need anything.” Gary, The Changing Room participant

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The Changing Room
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What can I expect at The Changing Room?

The Changing Room is a 12-week behavioural change course, and is a great opportunity for men who want to look after themselves, better their social connections and wellbeing, and improve the lives they lead.

Football is central to all that goes on within The Changing Room with activities including A Question of Football Quiz, Stadium Tour, Walking Football, a motivational guest speaker, pitch side walks and more.

All sessions are designed to be enjoyable for participants to ensure the programme has a lasting, positive impact on the men who participate. The course is completely free and ensures you’re part of a team tackling mental health! Session times vary at each club.

Some of The Changing Room projects also offer regular drop-in sessions.

Signing up to a 12 week course can be daunting – we are happy to talk with you if you are interested but not sure what to expect. 

The Changing Room - Extra Time provides additional group sessions focusing on resilience and building on the self-care planning elements of the 12 week programme.  

The course provides an opportunity for men to explore specific areas that often challenge them; how they view themselves, how they think and feel - all of which impacts on their mental health and wellbeing. 

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The Changing Room is funded by the Movember Foundation, and is delivered in partnership by SAMH (Scottish Action for Mental Health) and SPFL Trust.

The Changing Room Extra Time is funded by the Scottish Government, and is delivered in partnership by SAMH and SPFL Trust. Currently the Extra Time programme is delivered at the following clubs; Aberdeen, Heart of Midlothian, Hibernian, and Rangers. 

Robert’s story

After a tough year Robert knew he needed help, his love of football led him to SAMH's Changing Room, which made it easier for him to open up.

Robert's story

Robert's story