Being a strong and well informed voice on behalf of those of us who have experienced poor mental health helps to influence change.

SAMH and VSA Open Up campaign

SAMH and VSA have teamed up to run the Open Up campaign encouraging everyone in the north-east to talk, listen and connect. SAMH research from 2016 shows that 98% of people in North East Scotland think mental health is as or more important than physical health; yet almost a fifth (18%) never take time to look after it.

Local issues such as the downturn in the oil and gas industry have led to a 50% rise in unemployment in the area. This has led to more people needing help for poor mental health which when combined with a cultural struggle with stigma means that encouraging conversation has never been so important. Talking is one of the first steps to better mental health.

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Workplace Wellbeing

To create a mentally healthy workplace, one of the things you need to do is focus on staff well-being.

SAMH run workplace sessions and campaigns centred around the workplace.

Learn about workplace wellbeing

Helping yourself

Good mental wellbeing – some people call it happiness – is about more than avoiding mental health problems. It means feeling good and functioning well.

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Our campaign partner VSA can offer support locally, visit their website -

If you’re worried about a young person and want to more information on this, respectme, Scotland’s anti-bullying service, has lots of great information and tools.

You can share your experience and encourage others to talk by joining in the conversation online using #OpenUpAberdeen

VSA Postcard - Call Me

VSA Postcard - Cuppa

VSA Postcard - Got a Moment

VSA Postcard - Thinking of You

Ask Once, Get Help Fast

In SAMH's 2016 Manifesto, we called for a 10-year vision which ensures the new model of "Ask Once, Get Help Fast" is included in the next Scottish Government Mental Health Strategy – one which prioritises prevention and early intervention.

Ask Once Elections - Manifesto

Read SAMH’s full national Manifesto

Know Where to Go

Every year 1 in 4 of us in Scotland will experience a mental health problem. But SAMH research conducted in 2012 found 800,000 adults across Scotland don’t know where to go to get help for their mental health. 

Know Where To Go

​Read SAMH’s Know Where To Go guide.

Give Mental Health a Sporting Chance: Active Living Becomes Achievable (ALBA) and People Active for Change and Equality (PACE)

In 2015 we launched the next phase of our work on active living. At SAMH we believe in the power that regular exercise can have on mental health recovery and management. So we launched two new programmes of work. ALBA is a physical activity-focused, behaviour change intervention project, and PACE is a new three year project aimed at increasing the representation and participation of people with mental health problems in sport and physical activity.

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Two Too Many

Our Two Too Many campaign, launched in 2012/13, focused on the sensitive issue of suicide and its devastating impact on everyone affected. And the fact, at that time in Scotland, two people would die by suicide each day. Watch the campaign films.

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See Me

SAMH, along with Mental Health Foundation, is a lead partner in See Me, Scotland’s ambitious programme to end stigma and discrimination for people with mental health problems.

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Along with partner LGBT Youth Scotland we have been managing partners for Scotland’s anti-bullying service respectme. When dealing with bullying behaviour, there is never one, single answer or piece of advice that will work for every individual, or in every situation.

While some options will make bullying stop, others might just help young people to feel better about things. This video encourages young people to think about the options they’re most comfortable with, until they find something that works for them and helps them to feel in control again.

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