Stakeholder toolkit

Thank you for your interest in the Ask Them About Suicide campaign.

Below you will find our stakeholder toolkit which is full of information about the campaign and how you can get involved. You will also find a selection of social media graphics which you can use when sharing the campaign.

If there's anything else you need from us to help support, please contact 

Ask Them About Suicide - Stakeholder Toolkit

Instagram/Facebook - man outside office

Instagram/Facebook - young male after football

Instagram/Facebook - student in bedroom

Instagram/Facebook - man in rural setting

Instagram/Facebook - woman at bus stop

Instagram/Facebook - man in bedroom

Instagram/Facebook - female carer

Twitter/LinkedIn - man outside office

Twitter/LinkedIn - young male after football

Twitter/LinkedIn - student in bedroom

Twitter/LinkedIn - man in rural setting

Twitter/LinkedIn - teenage boy

Twitter/LinkedIn - woman at bus stop

Twitter/LinkedIn - man in bedroom

Twitter/LinkedIn - female carer