Triumphant MASH group take on the SAMH Stomp for a second time

8th March 2018

The MASH group joined our growing band of SAMH Superheroes last year taking on Scotland’s unique stair climbing challenge, the SAMH Stomp, at BT Murrayfield stadium.

The MASH group meet each week, attended by former service users from SAMH’s Expeerience Counts service in Motherwell. MASH stands for ‘Mingling And Sharing Hope’ and is an anagram for SAMH.

Last year the group raised over £1,200 to smash their fundraising goal by holding a fundraising night at a local social club.

At their regular meeting spot in Airdrie Library, Ann, Elizabeth, Francis, John, and Karen reflected on the mighty 4,200 stair challenge and what it meant to them.

“We all received peer support from SAMH, and last year someone from the group saw the event and roped us all in to take part. It’s a cause dear to our hearts, and let us gives back to the community. It’s our way of giving a wee bit back and to thank SAMH.” 

“I didn’t know if I would be able to manage all the stairs and was unsure if I was fit enough. But on the day I just kept on going. When you see everyone else in front of you, you follow them on. It was amazing.”

“At our group everybody is there for each other; you don’t need to talk about your problems if you don’t want to. Everyone leaves this group happier if they have had a bad day. The Stomp gave us something all to aim for.”

“It felt good doing the Stomp as a group, because I would not have the courage to do it myself. We motivated each other. I have low confidence and self-esteem, but doing it as a group meant I didn’t want to let the rest of the team down. It felt really great to achieve a goal. For me The SAMH Stomp helped me get back on track.”

“The Stomp is another thing I can say I have achieved in my life, climbed all the steps in Murrayfield stadium! I have my medal on the wall, so that if anyone visits me I can show them it.” 

“We have signed up again this year, we know what we’ve got ourselves into!”

Feeling motivated to sign up to the SAMH Stomp as a group? We have lot of hints and tip for how to reach your goal as a group. Get in touch, or visit The SAMH Stomp page for more info.