Statement: student pandemic restrictions

25th September 2020

SAMH backs calls for increased mental health support for students in light of the recent restrictions across Scotland.

Over the past few days, students in a number of areas have been required to self-isolate, as well as stay away from pubs and restaurants.

Difficult decisions must be made during this pandemic in order to keep us all safe, however with students known to face poor mental health relating to a much higher risk of experiencing loneliness, it’s imperative these new restrictions are considered carefully, and that they are matched with measures to protect the wellbeing of the student community.

Along with others, SAMH supports calls for increased practical and mental health support for everyone in student accommodation complexes while these restrictions are in place, in particular for those who are self-isolating.  

Restriction on not leaving student complexes must be a short term, temporary measure.  Recent research from Samaritans report that isolation is having a negative effect on the mental health of young people, so we urge for these measures to flexible, and let students who experience serious deterioration in their mental health to be allowed to return home where they can receive the support they need.