Despite Promises CAMHS Access Continues to Worsen

3rd September 2019

Statistics published today (Tuesday 3 September) show that despite the Scottish Government making repeated promises to improve Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), we’re yet to see action on the ground.

In June we marked the first anniversary of a report which found that one in five referrals to CAMHS are rejected, mostly without a face to face assessment.  Responding to the report, the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport described the current system as “completely unacceptable” and vowed to refound mental health services on the “need to empathise, engage and explain how to get help to often very vulnerable young people.”

Yet over a year later, these latest statistics show that, more than seven thousand young people since have been rejected from CAMHS.

This afternoon the Scottish Government will announce the new Programme for Government and we hope to see evidence of plans for real change.

Our message to the Scottish Government today is clear: something that is “completely unacceptable” can’t wait any longer. We need to see action now so that young people get help as soon as they need it.