Blog | A thank you to our partners throughout the pandemic

27th January 2021

In our latest blog, our Director of External Affairs, Jo Anderson, reflects on the generous support SAMH has received from our partners since the pandemic began. 

Like everyone else, I have watched the coronavirus pandemic unfold in ways we could have never imagined. I have felt fears and uncertainties about my loved ones and our futures. So many of us have been isolated from the very things that keep us mentally healthy.

Coronavirus is undoubtedly impacting the mental health of Scotland. You may be experiencing poor mental health for the first time in your life as a result of this experience, or know someone who is unwell. Our work lives are unrecognisable and we know Scotland’s working population have found work more stressful since lockdown. Our children have been under pressure with adapted schools, exams, universities and isolation from friends. Those of us with existing mental health problems have found the pandemic has impacted our accessibility to support we receive, to recover, or keep well. Our resilience is truly being tested.

However, our collective experience has motivated us to think about mental health and wellbeing unlike any other time. From conversations I’ve had, I know that our corporate partners share this. For many of our partners, this shared coronavirus experience is serving to renew their dedication to good mental health in Scotland.

Reflecting on the past ten to eleven months, I have lost count of the number of times our partners have asked, ‘What can we do?’ - a simple but powerful question.

We are incredibly thankful to have a network of partners who truly care about SAMH, our cause and our beneficiaries. Even at a time when our partners have faced their own uncertainties, their own hard decisions and pressures, we have been offered their skills, practical tools, expertise and time. There is no doubting their commitment to the mental health cause.

We are grateful to have been, and continue to be, in the thoughts of our partners during the pandemic. Knowing SAMH had to adapt service delivery in light of the first wave of lockdown and restrictions, we received donations of laptops, hand sanitiser and masks from partners, helping our front line staff stay safe and able to work remotely. This helping hand meant we continued to deliver essential support to highly vulnerable people.

We recognise our partners across Scotland who go to great lengths to raise funds, boost awareness, and provide practical support to help others - all on top of the day job. We thank you. You have all played a part in the most difficult of years, and your generosity will ensure we can continue to provide support as the pandemic continues, and beyond. Please know you have made a difference and saved lives.

To all of our partners - thank you for continuing to stand with us, for sharing our ambitions and for supporting Scotland’s mental health.

If you're interested in supporting Scotland's mental health as a SAMH corporate partner, please email