Protecting your wellbeing during the winter months

Some of us can struggle with our mental health and wellbeing during the colder months and in the run up to Christmas and New Year. It’s ok to feel like you’re struggling. We’ve put together winter themed tips to protect your wellbeing, based on the ‘5 Ways to Better Mental Health’.

Stay connected

Staying connected may seem easy with social media and new technology, but some ways of connecting are better than others. While a simple text can make a difference to someone who is struggling as it lets them know you’re thinking about them, reaching out in other ways can be better. Try to make it a phone or video call rather than email or text, or meet up with that friend you haven't seen in a while if it’s safe to do so. You’ll share a lot more than you would over social media and talking can be a good way to tackle a problem you've been carrying around.

And if you know someone who might be lonely or on their own over Christmas, why not spend some time with them?   

Try to stay active

The shorter days, colder weather and darker nights can put many of us getting outside as much. You also may find that you’re not able to do some of things you used to due to the pandemic. But finding ways to exercise and get outside can help protect your mental wellbeing. Why not take up an online exercise class, or go out on a daily walk during your lunch break?

Take Notice

With so much going on it is important we appreciate what’s happening now, and not dwell on the past or worry about the future. Why not put a mindfulness book on your Christmas list? It can be a great way to de-stress and train our brain to be in the moment.


Learning can be fun, and also increase our confidence. So take time out to read a book, learn how to use a new gadget or take up a new hobby.


It feels rewarding to give so why not use some of your time off to volunteer for a cause you feel passionate about. It’s been proven that an act of kindness boosts your mood and increases your wellbeing.

For more ways to protect your mental health during these challenging times, check out our online information hub: