Less stress in 60 seconds

1. Breathe

Take a long, deep breath in, feel your lungs expand like a balloon, hold for a moment, and then release slowly out through your mouth.

2. Laugh

Laughing increases your blood flow, boosts your ability to fight illness, and it feels really good.

3. Move

Jumping jacks, squats and burpees can all be done quickly. Moving relaxes the muscles, uses up adrenaline and releases chemicals that help depression.

4. Smile

Smiling releases chemicals that lower your blood pressure and increase relaxation.

5. Music

Listening to music can improve mood, reduce depression and anxiety, and boost self esteem. And singing has been found to reduce levels of stress hormones.

6. Stretch

Stress can make us tense. When we stretch our muscles relax, blood flow increases and endorphins are released.

7. Declutter

Feeling like we have too much can increase stress hormones and overload our sense. Try donating things you don’t need to charity.

8. Thankful

Reflect on the things you’re grateful for – people who do this regularly are less anxious, more engaged and have more fulfilling relationships.

9. Sigh

Relaxing your mouth and shrugging your shoulders sends a message to your brain to turn off stress hormones.

10. Nature

Even if you’re not close to nature, just looking at photos of nature can reduce stress levels and improve self-esteem.