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"My name’s Heather, and this is me, and this is my story about my depression and anxiety.

So my story mainly started when I was physically ill for quite a while, and then I was going for tests and everything like that.

That’s when I started to find myself being completely unmotivated and trying to avoid all sorts of social situations as much as I could, and just thinking abut all those situations would fill me with huge dread and fear, it’s indescribable how scary that is being stuck in your own head.

I was so completely overwhelmed by all these emotions, everything was just completely too much.

The only way that I can describe it was like being numb.

I would try to, to feel someone, feel someone’s emotions towards me.

I couldn’t, and as much as I tried I couldn’t, and that is the most, that’s the loneliest place you can be.

I felt so hopeless and so completely numb that I started to self-harm, and I started to have really strong and frequent suicidal thoughts.

At this point, I think almost one of my lowest points, I made the best decision I think I could ever have made and that was to tell someone how I was feeling.

If I hadn’t told someone at that point, I don’t think I’d be here today.

Once I spoke out about how I was feeling to the important people that needed to know, I started getting help.

You’re never too busy for someone because that can push someone over the edge and it almost did, with me, a few times.

If someone needs a hug or some love, just give it to them, because that can make a huge difference.

I’m not fixed magically, not at all, but I’m getting better."