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Whether work is causing a mental health issue or aggravating it, employers have a legal responsibility to help employees by recognising signs of stress and responding to them.

There are six main areas that may cause work-related stress or issues if not managed well: demands, control, support, relationships, role and change.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Working Minds campaign can help with five simple steps:

  • reach out
  • recognise
  • respond 
  • reflect 
  • make it routine

The campaign includes a risk assessment template and Talking Toolkit for line managers and employers to download.

Making reasonable adjustments at work

​A guide to making reasonable adjustments at work for people with mental health problems.

How To Be Mentally Healthy At Work

This guide covers the relationship between work and mental health, managing stress and difficult relationships at work, and what support you can get.

Supporting the Mental Health and Wellbeing of School Staff

Tips for feeling mentally healthy at school.