SAMH Publications

Whether you’re living with a mental health problem or supporting someone who is, accessing information about a condition is vital. SAMH has developed a series of information resources for you.

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Understanding Anxiety and Panic Attacks

This booklet is aimed at anyone who experiences anxiety. Friends and relatives of people who experience anxiety may also find it useful.

Understanding Bipolar Disorders

This booklet details the symptoms of bipolar disorder and the treatments that are available.

Understanding Depression

​This booklet explains the symptoms of depression and details the treatments available.

Understanding Mental Health

Providing an overview of common mental health problems for individuals, your family and friends.

Understanding Personality Disorders

​This booklet explains the symptoms of personality disorders and details the treatments available.

Understanding Psychosis

​This booklet explains what psychosis is, what may cause it and what might help.

Understanding Self-harm

This booklet explains what self-harm is, the reasons for it and the support and treatment available.

How to be mentally healthy at work

Stay well and maintain your mental health in the workplace.

How to cope as a carer

Advice on how to look after yourself and where to get further support.

How to cope with student life

A useful guide with self help information and contact details to help students cope if they have a mental health problem.

5 ways to Better Wellbeing

Small things you can do to help improve your mental wellbeing.

How to help friends and family

12 things to try when a loved one is struggling.

‘How to help a friend’

A SAMH guide for young people.

‘Am I OK?’

A SAMH guide for young people.

‘I’m worried about my child’

A SAMH guide for parents and carers.

‘Starting the mental health conversation’

A SAMH guide for parents and carers.

‘Five ways to better wellbeing for families’

Ideas and inspiration on how to make better mental health part of your families conversation.

After a suicide

This booklet will help you with the practical issues that need to be faced after a suicide. It also discusses some of the emotions you might be experiencing and suggests some places where you can get help.

Suicide: How to ask

Are you concerned that somebody you know is thinking about suicide?

Suicide…Living with your thoughts

​A useful guide to living with thoughts of suicide.

Suicide…are you worried about someone?

You might be struggling with how you provide the best support and help to the person you care about. You might be feeling scared, lonely and anxious. Use this guide to help you as you support a loved one.

Making reasonable adjustments at work

​A guide to making reasonable adjustments at work for people with mental health problems.