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We all have mental health: An introduction for youth workers

In Scotland, there are 80,000 youth workers, each week engaging with 385,000 children and young people in learning, social and personal development. By it's nature youth work supports the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people.

Youth work develops supportive relationships over time. This puts youth workers in a good position to recognise and respond in an appropriate and timely manner to a child or young person who may be experiencing a mental health problem.

Which is why we've created ‘We all have mental health: an introduction for youth workers’, to provide them with an introduction to mental health; equip them with the skills and knowledge to recognise and respond to a child or young person who is experiencing a mental health problem; and lead a conversation about positive mental health.

If you are a teacher, please visit our e-learning for teachers resource at www.samh.org.uk/teachers

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This training resource is designed for youth workers, with the support of YouthLink Scotland, Youth Scotland and with funding from the National Lottery Awards for All.