Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) are NHS services which assess and treat young people with mental health difficulties.

SAMH has been campaigning on CAMHS for some time, in particular by drawing attention to the 20 young people who are turned away from CAMHS every day in Scotland. 

In 2018, the Scottish Government published an audit of rejected referrals to CAMHS, which included 29 recommendations for improving the experience for children, young people, and their families. Responding to the report, the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport described the current system of rejecting referrals as “completely unacceptable”, accepting all recommendations, and setting up a Task Force, and laterally a Programme Board, to deliver these.

However, despite these promises, there’s still a lack of action on the ground.

Click the link below to read the audit of rejected referalls.

CAMHS audit

Lynsey and Hannah’s story

“Hannah is now 9 and a half, and we can now finally start accessing support for her and her siblings. If only CAMHS had seen her after that very first referral, then our struggles would have been eased more quickly.."

Read Lynsey and Hannah's story

Lyndsey and Hannah