Children and young people

Supporting our young people 

Every young person deserves to grow up with an understanding of mental health. 

We all know what to do when we have a cold or break a bone, but just like our physical health, our mental health can become unwell too, and it’s often hard to know where to turn.

Mental health problems are very common. In fact, by the time they’re 16, three children in every classroom will have experienced a mental health problem.

Children and young people need  the right support at the right time, in a way that suits their circumstances. 

Along with our amazing supporters, we’ve been campaigning on this issue since 2017, and we won’t stop until every young person gets the information and support they need. 

Thanks to our brilliant fundraisers and supporters. SAMH is delivering a programme of activity in schools, in colleges, and with specialist mental health teams across Scotland. 

Lynsey and Hannah’s story

“Hannah is now 9 and a half, and we can now finally start accessing support for her and her siblings. If only CAMHS had seen her after that very first referral, then our struggles would have been eased more quickly.."

Read Lynsey and Hannah's story

Lyndsey and Hannah