Everyone is talking about Personalisation and Self Directed Support - why?
Bullit Pink Small "Personalisation" stresses that a person should rightly be at the centre of planning and reviewing the support they need to live their life.
Bullit Pink Small "Self Directed Support" (SDS) - is about an individual deciding and shaping the way in which their Individual Budget will meet their personal needs and goals - in partnership with others.


Personalisation and SDS has grown out of a number of developments - the championing of rights, the introduction of direct payments, the principles of recovery and re-enablement - helping people to gain skills and confidence to move on from their current situation to an independent and fulfilling life, the drive to ensure services respond to the changing needs and expectations of people.

The Scottish Government is committed to personalisation and SDS, having launched a 10 year strategy in 2010 and the SDS bill in March this year.


How can SAMH help you?

You may be thinking about directing your own support. You may be making plans for how you want to live your life.
SAMH is the Scottish Association for Mental Health; we are a charity who has worked throughout Scotland in the mental health field for over 80 years. It's what we know. We are dedicated to mental health and wellbeing for all. We support individuals to live their lives fully regardless of present or past circumstances. The people we support do ordinary and extraordinary things.

We will support you when and where you need it - We can help you live the life you want!

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