This Year, Make SAMH your not so Secret Santa

Charlie was only 13 years old when she first attempted suicide

The second attempt was the turning point for her mum, Nicky.

“I decided not to keep it a secret anymore. I wasn’t ashamed of Charlie – in fact, quite the opposite, I was proud of her.”

The family used one conversation at a time to get them through their darkest moments.

We want to forget about secrets this Christmas, and talk about suicide. This year, we are asking you to do things a little differently. Make this year’s Secret Santa Not So Secret and give a gift to SAMH.


Your gift could start a life-saving conversation.


Nicky’s Story

When Nicky’s 13 year daughter started to experience mental health problems, it almost broke her family.

Derek’s Story

Derek is using his own experiences to help people in their personal recovery.

Jack’s Story

When’s Steven’s friend reached out to SAMH for him, he had no idea that a telephone call would give him the tools he needed to save his life.

Learn More

Suicide figures in Scotland have fallen over the last 10 years, but it is still one of the nation’s biggest killers. Everyday at SAMH we work to prevent suicide.
Find out more in SAMH’s view on suicide prevention.

Need Support?

If you have been affected by the issue of suicide and need support, you will find some helpful information here.

If you need some support right now please call the Samaritans on 116 123, they're open 24 hours and are there to listen.

Spread the Word

Please share the appeal on social media, and ask your friends to join you by making SAMH their Not So Secret Santa this year. #notsosecretsanta