Charter toolkit and resources

Take action - Charter for club and community level organisations

Club level Charter - Take Action

The Charter Toolkit - Community or Club Level

The Charter Toolkit - Community or Club level level

5 ways to better wellbeing - tips for facilitators 

Be Active

The aim of this activity is to start a mental health conversation in a safe space where young people are able to question common myths .


This activity will encourage participants to reflect on working as a team and how building connections is beneficial to our wellbeing.


A guide to help facilitate group discussion about how negative feelings impact our emotions.

Learn (part 1)

​Part one of prompter questions to help a group learn more about each other and themselves.

Learn (part 2)

Part two of promoter questions to aid group discussions.

Take Notice

A guide to a group grounding exercise to help participants feel calm and to be in the present moment.

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