Coping with stress during coronavirus

6th April 2020

We know that the coronavirus is causing many people to feel worried and scared.

Right now it may be harder to do the things you usually do to keep well, but there are things you can do to look after your mental wellbeing during this time.

The World Health Organization has put together these tips for coping with stress surrounding coronavirus, including if you need to self-isolate.

Connect with people: while you may not be able to have physical contact with your loved ones, there are ways you can keep communicating: even a text, phone call or video chat could make a big difference.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle: while staying home it's important look after yourself by sticking to a proper diet, establishing a good sleeping routine and if possible, getting outside to exercise. 

Be mindful of how you manage your emotions: don't use alcohol or drugs to make yourself feel better, or to distract yourself, they can make you feel worse overall.

Find sources of news that you can trust: it's important to stay informed during challenging times. Trustworthy news and advice will help you take sensible precautions and will help you manage any unnecessary worries.

Manage your media intake: limiting social media and news updates can help you manage your feelings if you find yourself worried or if you are finding news updates upsetting.

Draw on skills you have used in the past: thinking about previous challenges you've faced and how you overcame them can help you during this difficult time. 

It's imporant to look after our wellbeing during these difficult times, you can find the latest information for protecting your mental health during coronavirus via our information hub.