Winter wellbeing

Looking after your wellbeing in the winter.

Many of us struggle with our mental health, especially at this time of year.

It’s ok if you’re finding the winter months or the idea of the festive season hard. While we can’t control many of the challenges around us, there are still things you can do to protect your mental health and wellbeing. Check out one of our resources below, or to talk to someone about mental health and where to get support, contact the SAMH Information Service.

Protect your wellbeing in winter

Some of us can struggling with our mental health and wellbeing during the colder months and in the run up to Christmas and New Year.

Coronavirus information hub

Our dedicated hub full of resources to help you protect your mental health in these difficult times.

Staying mentally healthy when working from home

12 tips on how to get the most out of working from home while looking after yourself and your mental health.

Clear Your Head

Great tips to help get you through these difficult times.

If you urgently need help

We’ve put together a list of organisations who can help if you need to speak to someone.

How are you feeling?

Check out our Wellbeing Assessment Tool.

How is your wellbeing?

Our Wellbeing Assessment Tool can help you find out. To get your wellbeing score, go through the following statements and tick the box that best describes your thoughts and feelings over the last two weeks.

Use the wellbeing tool