Miss Turnbull

Last year, Miss Turnbull and pupils from her school decided to take on the SAMH Stomp to get active and raise awareness of mental health…

"My name is Miss Turnbull and I am a teacher at Uplawmoor Primary School in East Renfrewshire, and last year I took part in the SAMH Virtual Stomp.  

"When I heard about Stomp, I thought it would be great to include the school. In light of the pandemic, it felt like an opportunity for us all to connect and do something positive, encourage physical activity and get people talking about mental health.  

"I was thrilled when the staff and pupils jumped at the chance to take part. As a class, we were outside most of the time for the week of the challenge and we used Fitbit watches and pedometers to track our steps. The kids loved this challenge and really pushed themselves to achieve their daily goal as well as our overall step count. They came up with some creative ways to get their steps in!

"We also decided to introduce the pupils to resources on the SAMH website. It was so heartening to see the children discussing their feelings and emotions so openly.

"The feedback from parents was great and the kids really appreciated their medals and certificates from SAMH.

"Stomp is something more schools should get involved in as it opens so many avenues for discussion around mental health and wellbeing. I personally saw such growth in my kids based on this experience. I know they were able to use the skills they learned to look after themselves during lockdown."

Thank you to Miss Turnbull and Uplawmoor Primary School for taking part in the virtual SAMH Stomp! Feeling inspired? Sign up now: samhstomp.org.uk.