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School staff training 

In 2017 we surveyed over 3,000 school staff, and over two-thirds of teachers told us that they did not feel that they had received sufficient training in mental health to allow them to carry out their role.

We’ve been campaigning for a consistent, national programme to train all school staff in mental health; and for teachers to learn about protecting mental health both before and after they qualify as teachers.

To find out more about our school staff survey, visit our research and reports page.

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Counselling is an important part of a whole-school approach to mental health; yet over 250,000 children in Scotland have no access to this service. Children in Northern Ireland and Wales have guaranteed access to counselling services, yet Scotland’s young people are missing out.

We’ve been campaigning for counselling services to be provided across Scotland’s secondary schools by 2020. 

The 2018/19 Programme for Government has committed to investing £60 million in additional school counselling services; including 250 school counsellors and 250 school nurses to support the wellbeing of pupils.

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