Schools, colleges and unis

Education is where young people spend much of their time, so it’s important that alongside their academic studies, they receive an education in mental health.

Unless young people are well, they can’t learn. And unless the adults in their lives feel informed about mental health, they won’t be equipped to support them when they need it.

Our policy asks

We want to ensure that children and young people can access the support that they need

Resources for teachers and school staff

Learn more about supporting young people

Connect projects

SAMH is delivering support in schools and colleges, taking a ‘whole school’ approach to mental health and wellbeing

Student mental health

We’re campaigning for better mental health for students

Information for children and young people

This section has lots of resources with a focus on children and young people

Coping with changes

In our three part video series, SAMH's Laura Glennie talks about tips for coping with change for young people

Glasgow Connect

SAMH's Glasgow Connect project is supporting young people during lockdown

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